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We've supplied quality 4WD accessories to customers from Iceland, Japan, the USA, Europe, Arabia, Africa and South America since 1996.

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Queensland 4006 Australia.
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Our Products - Cruise Control

Stop Getting Speeding Tickets...

Driving in the 21st century isn’t easy! Speed cameras are now in use throughout Australia and fuel prices are constantly climbing.

To help keep your licence, reduce driver fatigue and save money, one good solution is to fit a cruise control. The control can be fitted on either side of the steering column and looks part of your vehicle’s interior.

Cruise Controls are an easy way to save fuel and arrive at your destination safely, feeling far more refreshed. And because they’re flexibly designed they can be fitted to any vehicle (including diesels and turbocharged vehicles).

The cruise control works in conjunction with your vehicle’s speed signals as it accurately stays at the speed that you have set. If the speed signal drops (like going up hills) the microprocessor detects the change and opens the throttle just enough to maintain your constant speed. Because this process is smooth and throttle openings are computer controlled, fuel is saved.

At 90 - 110 kph most new vehicles have programs within their engine management systems to minimise fuel consumption. At this point a cruise control will help to maximise these benefits.

A cruise control can be fitted to either side of the steering column and looks just like part of your vehicle

 Diesel Unit

Fitting is available for an additional $165.



 Petrol Unit

Fitting is available for an additional $165.




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