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We've supplied quality 4WD accessories to customers from Iceland, Japan, the USA, Europe, Arabia, Africa and South America since 1996.

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163 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills,
Queensland 4006 Australia.
Phone: +61-(0)7-3252-4039
Fax: +61-(0)7-3852-1808
Email: info@motorcare.com.au
Our terrestrial opening hours are
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Our Products - 4WD Security Products - Main/Auxiliary Battery Charge/Isolator Units

Main Battery System

A Rotronics main battery voltage monitor is designed to monitor the voltage at the main battery. The unit will flash a red LED and sound an internal buzzer when the main battery falls below 11v (for 12v systems) or 23v (for 24v systems). The monitor can be operated with a control relay kit to disconnect the main battery from the vehicle load circuits.
Auxiliary Battery System

Rotronics auxiliary battery monitor and cutout will provide protection against excessive battery voltage discharge. The unit will automatically disconnect accessory equipment from the auxiliary battery when the battery voltage falls below 10.5V (for 12V systems) or 23v (for 24v systems). Batteries will only surface charge if they are flattened below 10 volts and will never charge fully on the vehicle. Australian made.

Rotronics Main and Auxiliary battery control systems will automatically prevent you running your 4WD batteries down.

Engine Monitoring Systems

We have various Rotronics systems available in several combinations to detect high engine temperature, low water and low oil. The monitoring unit self-tests all wiring and sensors and can in turn be wired to activate buzzers, shut down engines to idle or shut down altogether in the event of a fault. Any fault is indicated on the monitoring unit to assist further diagnosis. Our engine rebuilders estimate that a new multi-valve turbo Landcruiser engine would cost $20,000 to fully rebuild if a serious failure occurred. This is an absolute must for outback travel and for industrial use. Again, these are Australian-made. From $377.

More information available here: These are pdf files so these are best viewed with a browser configured for Adobe Acrobat and downloading by cable.

The Rotronics Engine Monitoring System provides the same level of automatic protection for your valuable engine.

Turbo Timers

Rotronics Turbo Timers have a control unit fitted with a pre-wired remote switch that may be set to 1 or 3 minutes. An overide engine bypass is incorporated in the switch. Helps protect your turbo from cooking the oil in it when the engine is shut down! Australian product from $200 (ask us for a quote!)
More information available here:
These are pdf files so these are best viewed with a browser configured for Adobe Acrobat and downloading by cable. 


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