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We've supplied quality 4WD accessories to customers from Iceland, Japan, the USA, Europe, Arabia, Africa and South America since 1996.

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163 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills,
Queensland 4006 Australia.
Phone: +61-(0)7-3252-4039
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Our Products - 4WD Recovery Products - R&R Beadbreaker

Fed up with changing tyres?

The ground breaking R&R BEADBREAKER that won't break your back...
or your pocket!

The R&R Beadbreaker and tyre refitting tool not only breaks the bead but also assists in replacing the tyre on the rim.

Because no rubber hammers damage the bead of the tyre, you can refit TUBELESS tyres without the need for a tube. And because it's lightweight, you can work on a table or on your vehicle's tailgate (out of the mud and sand!). This helps keep the tyre and rim clean to ensure a perfect reseal.

Most importantly, the R&R Beadbreaker helps you avoid back strain by removing the need to bend and twist at the same time.

To Break The Bead...

The R&R Beadbreaker is placed across the wheel, with the noseplate resting between the tyre and the rim and the rear plate resting on the outer edge of the rim. The "T" bar on the base of the threaded rod is located under the edge of the centre hole of the wheel. The barrel nut is then screwed down using a 19mm ring spanner, forcing the nose plate to separate the bead of the tyre from the rim. Simple!  

To Replace A Tyre...

The rear plate of the R&R Beadbreaker has been inverted into a hook, which is then placed under the tyre and locked over the edge of the rim. The upright bolt prevents the tyre from sliding forward.

The "T" bar is then placed under the edge of the centre hole of the wheel and the barrel nut is screwed down until the underside of the nose plate is on the rim, securing the tyre in a fixed working position on the rim.

 R and R Beadbreaker

Best used on steel and alloy rims with a 40 mm plus offset.

Removes beads 8'-19' refits beads 13'-19'



 Full Kit (all above including 2 tyre levers)

R&R Beadbreaker & Tyre Refitting Tool kit.
Includes R&R Beadbreaker and Tyre Refitting Tool, tyre spreading attachment, 2 x 600 mm tyre levers, 34 piece tube & tubeless puncture kit, heavy duty canvas carry bag, written instructions and instructional DVD.



 Tyre lever (each)

Manufactured by Mumme products, unconditionally guaranteed by Australia's largest forging company, a third generation family business based in Adelaide.

  $48.40 Each


 Carry Bag

This heavy duty canvas bag will carry the whole kit plus space for extra equipment.



 Repair Kit

Tyre repair kit where we have put together all the products and hand tools required to carry out internal and external repairs on tubeless and tubed tyres. Sealed in a plastic pouch to keep everything dust free (it’s a good idea to carry spare tubes and be able to fix them even if you have tubeless tyres). We use Rema Tip Top products for their superior quality and reliability.



 Tyre Spreader

Essential for opening, (tensioning) tyres. Allows repair preparation and inspections.



 Instruction DVD

Instructional DVD.



 Rim Protectors

Rim protectors clip over rim to stop lever damage. A must for alloy rims.



 35 Pc TRK Consumables refill pack

Replace all the consumables for your Tube & Tubeless repair kit.



 Hub Anchor adaptor

Multi fit Hub Adaptor for alloy rims with no dish.



 Hub Anchor bolt kit 14x1.5mm

Hub Anchor attaching bolt set.



 Hub Adaptor Bolt Kit 12x1.5mm

Hub Adaptor attaching bolt kit.



 Hub Adaptor Bolt Kit 12x1.25mm

Hub Adaptor attaching bolt kit.



 Hub Adaptor Bolt Kit 1/2 UNF

Hub Adaptor attaching bolt kit.



 Hub Adaptor VW Nut Pack 14X1.5MM

Hub adaptor attaching nut pack (VW)



 Hub Adaptor Bolt Kit 16x1.5mm

Hub adaptor attaching bolt kit.




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