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Pre Holiday Checks


How To Get Your 4WD In Shape For The Summer Holidays

If you’re planning a motoring holiday, you should carry out some routine checking and servicing on your vehicle as part of your planning.

If it’s a summer holiday, you should be aware that dry winters can cause deterioration in your vehicle’s "rubbers" which could lead to malfunctions when exposed to summer heat and rain. So if your vehicle’s wipers aren’t wiping cleanly, replace the rubber blades. (and while you’re at it, check the operation and aim of the tiny windscreen water jets - they can be adjusted by using a pin).

You should also examine tyres for damage - particularly cracks or cuts on the sidewalls - and make sure they will have at least two millimeters of tread (about the thickness of a match). Replace any damaged or excessively worn tyres. Summer rain and worn tyres are a recipe for potential disaster!

While you’re doing this, check your tyres for uneven wear (especially at the front, which could indicate that the wheel alignment needs adjustment). If the tyres are good but there is still a steering problem, get a mechanic to check the steering box and front end assembly.

Exhaust and Brakes

One of the most forgotten items in a safety check is the exhaust system. Check it from the manifold (engine outlet) to the tail pipe for leaks which (in most cases) will be audible.

If in doubt, have it checked by a competent mechanic. Leaks could lead to lethal carbon monoxide seeping into the passenger compartment, and even a small amount could cause drowsiness and lead to an accident.

Your car’s braking system also needs year-round vigilance, but particularly during the summer holiday period. Keep a close watch for tell-tale fluid leaks from brake cylinders, lines and hoses on such places as the inside walls of tyres or on the garage floor.

Have your service mechanic rectify any problems immediately. Take particular note of sponginess, excessive free travel or any other abnormality such as shuddering felt when braking (though remember the latter is a normal characteristic of anti-lock braking systems under emergency stopping).

Servicing and Air-Conditioning

Put your car in good condition for summer holiday and day trips by having it serviced and tuned. You’ll be rewarded with better fuel economy, performance and reliability.

Now is a good time for servicing air conditioning units. To keep the unit in good order it should be operated for about 10 minutes each week- summer and winter.

Because of changes to environmental regulations, supplies of the refrigerant gas you last used may be hard to come by. So if your air conditioner is in need a major overhaul, we suggest that you look at having the unit updated to accommodate the new R134a gas.

The engine oil should be changed at regular kilometre or time intervals as recommended by the vehicle manufacture. If it has not been changed during winter, then the start of summer is a good time to do so. Ensure the oil filter is changed at the same time.

By having faults rectified you will be able to set off on holidays knowing that you have a much better chance of avoiding a breakdown a long way from home.

Cool Engine, Good Engine

Summer temperatures, combined with an inefficient car engine cooling system, can result in an expensive damage repair bill.

Often a vehicle can escape overheating problems in the cooler months (especially when undertaking short trips). But come summer, failure to carry out basic maintenance could lead quickly to overheating and major expense.

We suggest that now is the time for the cooling system to be checked and maintenance carried out.

A clogged or otherwise inefficient radiator will inevitably fail on a hot day or a longer-than-usual trip during summer. And a major engine overheat can cause thousands of dollars in damage to many late model vehicles.

Draining and flushing the cooling system will help keep it free from corrosion and sediment, but the job should be left to a competent mechanic.

If flushing the radiator yourself, bear in mind that it is an offence to permit waste coolant/inhibitor to flow into gutters or waterways. It must be collected and disposed of at a recycling centre or your service station.

For a pre holiday check call us now on 07 3252 4039

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