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4 Reasons Why Your 4WD Needs A Snorkel

Cooler Operation

Whether your 4WD is powered by a petrol or diesel engine, it’s dependent on air for its operation. Fitting a snorkel means the air supply is drawn in at roof level and not the air intake, which is located in the often very hot and dusty engine bay. The cooler air stream enhances engine performance for either commercial or recreational use.

Less Dust

Because the Airtec Snorkel draws air from roof level, dust isn’t as thick and plentiful as it is in the engine bay or inner guard where many engine air intakes are located (if you look under the bonnet after a few kilometres of driving in dust you’ll see what we mean!) The relatively cleaner air, via the Airtec Snorkel working with the original air cleaner system, will help extend air filter effectiveness, therefore reducing wear of vital components and leading to extended engine life and reliability.

Easier Water Crossings

Fording streams or rivers is not the time you want the engine to die. Diesel engines in particular are very expensive to repair if water should get into them. But with the air supply via a positively sealed Airtec Snorkel well above water level, you can expect worry-free water crossings so you can focus on picking the best and safest route across.

Ram Air Effect

Because a snorkel is forced through the air as the vehicle travels, it creates what is known as ram air effect. This has often been found to provide a welcome increase in engine performance.

Airtec Snorkel Features

As well as complementing the looks of any 4WD, an Airtec Snorkel offers these practical benefits:

  • Airtec’s intake design separates rain or moisture from the air stream before it enters the engine.
  • An optional pre-cleaner assembly is available for extreme dust operating environments
  • The snorkel body is manufactured from high quality UV-resistant polyethylene for maximum strength and rigidity and incorporating stainless steel hardware.
  • A wide range fits most popular 4WD makes and models
  • Easy installation minimising modifications to the vehicles original components.


Prices range from around $423 Call for a price on your particular vehicle.

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