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Our Products - Boat Loader

Load Your Boat On Your Own

  The Rhino Boat Loader is designed to take the hard, back-breaking work out of lifting car topper boats onto 4WD's or other high roof style vehicles.  Unique for its single person operation, this boat loader will give years of boating pleasure.

  • One man operation
  • Manual hand winch requires minimal effort
  • Carries boats up to 100kg
  • Loads and unloads the boat from the ground to a secure transport position on the vehicle in one simple winding operation
  • Lengthens your fishing career by 10-20 years when you reach that back-breaking age

How it Works

  When the winch is turned and rope coils on the roller the boat in turn stands vertically at the rear of the vehicle off the ground supported by the two transom ropes.  With the balance point of the boat being at/or below the very rear pivot roller, it is pulled over and then pulled forward to its final transport position.  When unloading, it is the weight of the boat and the friction between the boat and the winch power roller which winds the boat backwards.  Gravity takes its course with the boat doing exactly the opposite to what occurred in the loading operation.  When on the ground undo the quick release snap shackles at the end of the ropes and start fishing.


  • Not to be used for inflatable boats
  • Best with boats up to 12 feet in length when used on 4WD vehicles
  • Boats with major gunnel protrusions will not roll on

Questions and Answers

Will it fit my station wagon?
No, the balance point of 10 -12 foot boats will be much higher than the position of the rear roller.  So the boat will be top heavy and tend to crash down on the vehicle.

However the Side Loader will fit on a station wagon or low roof 4WD.

My spare wheel is mounted on the rear of the vehicle.
Will the boat loader still work?

Yes, on 4WD applications the boat makes contact with the lower contact point ( bumper) and cups itself over the spare wheel.  Narrow boats may require the positioning of the boatloader to one side.

What size boat can I carry?
10-12 foot. Maximum boat weight 100kg. NM/NP Pajero 70kg max.

How many people are required to operate the boat loader?
Just one.

I've got my boat,
now what sort of vehicle do I need to carry it?

The long wheel based 4WD's are best.  Toyota 80,100 series, Prado, Jackaroo, Patrols and older model Pajeros.  Where a track mount system needs to be mounted onto the roof, be careful of thin roofs and potholed gunbarrel highways.

What sort of boat is best?
Aim for a boat with no gunnel protrusions, 10-12 feet long, not too wide as you must remember the required roofrack will be 240mm wider than the beam of the boat.  Keep the weight below 100kg and you should be in business.

We recommend a H frame that fits in the receiver hitch towbars to minimise damage to bumper bars. Needs Rhino heavy duty bars for fitment.

Side Boat Loader

How does it work? 
The basic principle is in dragging the boat up two ramps set at approx a 50 degree angle to the ground and over the top of the vehicle by means of a 40/1 worm drive gear which turns the winding roller.  Ropes are attached to the far side of the boat and also 2 shorter gunnel ropes are attached to the near side.  When lifting commences, the boat is “flipped” over and then slides up in the inverted position.

The unloading is in real terms, opposite to the loading procedure.  The worm gear is put into reverse mode and a short amount of slack is generated in the winding lines.  With the boat resting on very slippery main support bar, one hand is used to gently push the boat approx 100mm until the gunnel goes over  the curve of the upper ramp. From then on gravity takes over.

Depending on the angle of the ramps, the boat may need some assistance in its final reverse flip back down to the ground if it does not have the sufficient weight in the keel in relation to the boat angle.  Continue unwinding the lifting lines and develop another say 400mm of slack.  Then by hand gently push the boat “over centre”.  After this the boat will continue lowering by itself to its final resting position right way up on the ground.  Detach the 4 x snap shackles  and your in business.

The key requirement in loading and unloading is that the vehicle must be on level ground as the ramp structure and main support cross bars are extremely slippery.  Should this not be the situation, the boat will slew around somewhat and vehicle damage may result.  A second person can always be used in adverse conditions to stabilise and stop any forward or rear excessive slippage.

 Rhino Boat Loader

The Rhino Boat loader is designed to take the hard back breaking work out of lifting your small boat to the roof of a 4wd. The boat loader system is also a great way of transporting your small tinny if you are towing a caravan or trailer. With one man and an 18volt drill, you can easily automate your tinny down to the water and back up to the vehicle roof racks.
Please call for a cost on freight



 H Frame

We recommend a H frame that fits in the receiver hitch towbars to minimise damage to bumper bars.



 Rhino Boat Loader Worm drive

The Rhino Rear boat loader worm upgrade kit makes fast work of loading and unloading your boat or small tinnie. The worm drive works through the power of a hand held drill (Rhino recommends 18v). The drill connects to a hexagonal drive shaft that turns the gears to effortlessly load and unload your boat.

Included in the Kit is the Worm drive axle, the worm drive and all the parts needed to adapt the unit to the rear boat loader.



 Side Boat Loader

The Rhino-Rack Side Boat Loader is a revolutionary product designed to take the hard back breaking work out of lifting your small boat on and off your vehicle's roof. The side boat loader is the perfect solution for carrying a tinnie whilst towing a caravan or trailer. With simple one man operation you can easily winch your tinny up & down from your vehicle with a battery powered cordless drill (Rhino recommends 18 volt drill). The side boat loader can be used on a range of vehicles including 4WD's, Low roof camper vans and station wagons.
Please call for freight costs.




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