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We've supplied quality 4WD accessories to customers from Iceland, Japan, the USA, Europe, Arabia, Africa and South America since 1996.

We're happy to quote you individually, including freight to your door. Need something from us? Just email us and ask. We're always happy to help you!

163 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills,
Queensland 4006 Australia.
Phone: +61-(0)7-3252-4039
Fax: +61-(0)7-3852-1808
Email: info@motorcare.com.au
Our terrestrial opening hours are
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Our Products - Thematic 4WD Product Index - Recovery Products

Air compressors
Proair and Maxair air compressors to keep those tyres in order!

Cable Puller
Low cost cable puller for small recovery jobs

Equalising Strap
Equalising strap for safer recovery

Drag chains
Drag chains for a variety of recovery operations

Drying bag
After cleaning your recovery equipment this is how you dry it off

Electric winch
This is the easy way to recover your vehicle!

An essential safety item to protect your hands

Hand winch
The versatile hand winch that can be used from any direction.

Hi Lift jack
An old time favourite for lifting vehicles

Lift your vehicle with the power of the exhaust gases

Pulley Block
Reduce the load whilst winching

Ratchet Straps
Great for tying things down or holding broken things together!

Recovery kit
Everything you need in one handy bag

Security chain
A really tough security chain to lock up your valuables

Rated bow shackles for winching & snatching

A neat fold up shovel to dig you out of trouble

Snatch strap
Heavy duty snatch straps - the essential recovery device

Towing hooks
Need additional tow points on your 4WD. Then these are for you

Towing Kit
If your car is broken then this kit will allow someone to tow you safely

Tree trunk protector
Protect that tree when winching. You may need it again!

Tyre removal and repair kit
Everything you need to remove and refit tyres and repair punctures

Winch straps
The easy way to lengthen your winch cable

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