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We've supplied quality 4WD accessories to customers from Iceland, Japan, the USA, Europe, Arabia, Africa and South America since 1996.

We're happy to quote you individually, including freight to your door. Need something from us? Just email us and ask. We're always happy to help you!

163 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills,
Queensland 4006 Australia.
Phone: +61-(0)7-3252-4039
Fax: +61-(0)7-3852-1808
Email: info@motorcare.com.au
Our terrestrial opening hours are
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

    About Us

Thank you for visiting Motorcare 4WD!  This page will tell you about our background - who we are, what we do - and how our site operates.

We also hope it will tell you why we're great people to deal with and why you should feel free to email us whenever you need 4WD parts, spares, services or advice.

There's alot here, but if you think of it as an FAQ list it'll probably save you alot of time and answer most of your questions.  And if you'd like to ask something we haven't answered here, then don't be shy - email us!  We love to get your feedback!





Who Are We? What Are Our Qualifications?

Motorcare 4WD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 4WD Motorcare Pty Ltd, an Australian company which has operated in Brisbane, Australia since 1987.

Richard Oliver was actively involved in the motor industry for more than forty years.  He has a degree in Automotive Engineering and has worked in the service side of the business (in both England and Australia) for most of his career.

Before he started Motorcare 4WD Richard was the Field Service and Development Manager with Ford Australia where he was responsible for training Ford's spare parts and service personnel throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

Richard has now passed on his knowledge to his long time 2-I-C/Mechanic Ron Lange. Ron has been a mechanic for over twenty years and has a vast knowledge in the automotive mechanical industry. His obsession with the automotive industry started at a very young age and is still as strong today.  He is known for believing in "If the jobs worth doing, it's worth doing right the 1st time" attitude.

Ron has experience in many aspects of the automotive industry having worked for small and large workshops, dealerships, franchises, mobile mechanic and performance & tuning shops as both the Mechanic, 2-I-C and Workshop Supervisor.  He also has a background in different styles of motorsport starting with Off Road racing, Drag racing, Circuit racing and now Drifting.



What Do We Know About 4WD's?

Richard started four wheel driving in the UK in 1970 when he owned an ex army Austin Champ.  One of these vehicles is now the subject of a full ground up restoration in our workshops.  You can read more about that in the future.  Richard's pretty well known - especially in Mitsubishi circles - as a member of The Mitsubishi Four Wheel Drive Club (he's been a committee member for many years and also served as President).

He has also done extensive outback travel as officials for the Australian Safari Cross Country Rally which has given us alot of insight into the areas where our more adventurous customers will be travelling to, so we're often able to advise you from real-life experience.

This outback travelling have also allowed us to put in thousands and thousands of kilometers of real-life testing on the products we sell, which is where our company motto comes from: "If it works for us we can guarantee it'll work for you too!"

That's why we stand right behind everything we sell and why we're able to offer a full money-back guarantee.  We simply refuse to stock anything that won't give you the same 100% satisfaction it's given us.



Why Are We On The Internet?

The Net has allowed us to make friends and assist fellow 4WD enthusiasts all over the planet. Wonderful people we'd never otherwise be able to meet from our terrestrial business in Brisbane, Australia.

Our site has developed quite alot from the first few pages we put up, and we continue to work on it every month.  We want to make it as handy, useful and fun for you as we can.

The Net allows us to keeping you up-to-date with new products through our email newsletter, linking in to other great 4WD resources, or publishing new information almost as soon as we come across it ourselves!

Our current site has been designed so that it should snap up fairly fast no matter where you are.  We've used email links in our online 4WD accessories store so that you can see what you're ordering when you order it or ask about it.  So if you need more information about a product, just ask us for it!

We decided to make the Internet an intrinsic part of our business long ago.  So please bookmark us (if you haven't done it already).  We update our contents every month and we hope you'll find something really useful on our site every time you visit us!



I Want To Order Something - Help!

Here are a few points to bear in mind if you want to order something,
no matter where you are on the planet:

  • All the prices we quote in the store are in Australian dollars.  The Australian dollar is constantly changing. so when we quote you we'll quote on whatever the prevailing rate is at the time if you're located overseas.  If you want a quick and amazingly accurate idea, though, use our pop-up currency converter.  Prices are ex Brisbane, inclusive of Australian goods and services tax, which will not apply if you are overseas (Just deduct 10%).  Local taxes will be your responsibility as we have no way of telling what your local taxes are.  And that means our overseas customers will pay less!!
  • We can ship product to you anywhere in the world.  Australia has advanced freight forwarding systems so we'll include the cost of shipping in any quote we give you.  We don't care if you're in Alice Springs or Abyssinia: we ship anywhere!  Most products can be despatched to you within 2 to 5 days after your payment is approved.
  • We accept payment by Paypal or transfer funds directly to our bank account.  Use whatever method you feel most comfortable with.  If you need extra information about any product, please don't hesitate to ask us. In order to keep our pages to a manageable size we've kept details down to a minimum.  If you want to know more, we're always pleased to help.
  • You may be assured that any email addresses that are passed to us will not be passed to any third party for any reason whatsoever.
  • The law of Australia is applicable for any transactions made with this company.
  • Some of the products we carry have such a range of prices (because they fit such a wide range of vehicles) that we will have to quote you anyway.  When you ask us for a quote, please tell us the make of your vehicle, the model and the year.  That way, we can meet your precise requirements.
  • Our prices are generally current.  Unfortunately our suppliers can change the price without notice (and there is nothing we can do about that) so prices may change without notice.
  • All our products are backed up with a 100% money-back guarantee.  If you're not satisfied - for any reason - simply let us know, return the goods, and we'll give you your money back, no hassles.  Our money-back guarantee has been our number one policy ever since we opened our doors and we know it's a big reason why we're still in business today.  So we're not about to change it either.

Got another question?  Fine!  We've tried to cover all the bases here, but if we haven't just email us.  If enough people keep asking the same question we'll add it to this page too.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, we hope it's been a help.  Please take a look around our site and come back often.  Happy 4WD-ing!

Ron Lange 

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